The most interesting Android phone of 2022 won’t be sold in the US

The Phone 1, Nothing’s first smartphone, is anticipated for a number of reasons. Fans anticipate a return to those roots from Carl Pei’s first smartphone project following his departure from OnePlus, and the business is actually employing many of the same marketing and hype-building strategies as OnePlus did in its early years. Since the phone’s existence was initially disclosed, the hype machine has been operating at full capacity. North American citizens will not be able to purchase this phone, so if you’re in the US and considering biting into Nothing’s marketing, bad luck. In other words, you receive nothing at all in place of the Nothing Phone 1.

Few US bands are listed in Nothing’s list of compatible carriers, as Evan Blass noted on his Twitter account, which led to the discovery of this restriction. The business later confirmed that the phone won’t initially be released in the US or Canada in a statement to PCMag. Later, the business verified this in a statement to Android Police.

Nothing says it’s mainly focusing on markets like the UK and Europe right now, and while you can try using the Phone 1 in the US, you’ll experience spotty coverage on T-Mobile and no VoLTE on AT&T. Verizon customers, meanwhile, are completely out of luck.

There is, however, a silver lining: Nothing also confirmed that it has plans to launch a US-supported phone in the future, but it’ll need proper carrier support before that can happen. It sounds like most people won’t be able to participate in this opportunity, but a small number of the company’s private community investors will be able to obtain the Phone 1 in the US through a restricted beta test.

It’s very upsetting news, especially given that the company hired US-based producers like Marques Brownlee to assist with its marketing initiatives. While the issue of carrier compatibility delaying the release of US phones is nothing new—after all, it’s the reason why many phones from brands like Xiaomi and Realme are a hassle to use in the US—Carl Pei hasn’t let that stop him before. Before the OnePlus 6T, all of the company’s previous models—all the way back to the OnePlus One—were available in the US unlocked. The OnePlus 6T is the first OnePlus phone to work with a US carrier (T-Mobile).

But this time, Carl Pei is working without the support of a huge Chinese corporation, and this is the brand-new smartphone that the business is releasing. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given how challenging it is to ensure network compatibility in the US. This announcement will undoubtedly hurt some people’s hearts given how intense Nothing’s marketing campaign has been.

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